Features and Uses of Liquid Turbine Flowmeters

 Features and Uses of Liquid Turbine Flowmeters
Liquid turbine flowmeter is a new generation of turbine flowmeter, which has the advantages of simple structure, 
light weight, accurate accuracy, good reproducibility, sensitive response, easy installation and maintenance and use. 
It can be used after liquid calibration. If there is a display instrument with special functions, 
the liquid turbine flowmeter can be used after liquid calibration, which is an ideal instrument for flow measurement 
and energy saving.
When the measured liquid flows through the sensor, the impeller is forced to rotate under the action 
of the fluid movement, and its speed is proportional to the average speed of the pipeline. The rotation period of 
the impeller changes the magnetic resistance value of the magnetoelectric converter. The magnetic flux in the 
detection coil changes periodically to generate a periodic induced electric potential. 
That is, the electric pulse signal is amplified by the amplifier and sent to the display instrument for display.


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