College entrance examination public welfare activities

College entrance examination public welfare activities

 The annual college entrance examination is a hot topic recently. Whether it is the candidates carefully drawing the splendid blueprint on the field, or the parents waiting patiently outside the field, every detail related to the college entrance examination affects everyone's heart. On the morning of June 7th, the Qingtian Weiye Party Branch set up a volunteer service point at the college entrance examination center of Bowang High School in Xiangfu District, and provided free water, masks and alcohol disinfection to candidates and their parents. We did our best to encourage candidates. Come on, send a love, a confidence! I wish all students success in the college entrance examination and the title of the gold list.
Bottles of mineral water and masks contain the full blessings of Qingtian Weiye Instrument Co., Ltd., which condenses that Qingtian Weiye Instrument Co., Ltd. repays the society with more practical actions and strives to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise. The Qingtian Weiye Party Branch carried out a 2-day public welfare activity of free water, masks and alcohol for the college entrance examination. Seeing the gratitude of every student and parent to us, our volunteers are also full of pride and a sense of mission. Qingtian Weiye escorted the college entrance examination with practical actions, and poured out dreams with love.


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