20pcs insertion vortex flow meter under production

Insertion vortex flow meter mainly used for large pipe gas, liquid, steam flow measurement in various industries.
Its character is without moving parts, low pressure loss, and wide range ratio. 

Recently client ordered 20pcs insertion vortex flow meter for gas measurement. It is remote type and use flow computer 
as remote display.  These meters will be used for size range from DN300-DN500.

While installing vortex flow meter, below points need to be noted:

1. Flow direction must be same as the flow indication rod, strictly forbidden to wrench the flow rod;
2. Flow transmitter is seted according to actual medium, flow range and nominal diameter, before using, it must inspect the setting. 
3. Removing burr and welding slag.
4. After wiring, make sure the flow converter cover and lead collar tight, in order to make sure the water proof and moisture proof.
5. Make sure that the shell of vortex flow meter and lead shielding layer well grounded. 


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