Trouble Shooting of Q&T Electromagnetic Flowmeter

                           Trouble Shooting of Q&T Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Electromagnetic flowmeter is one of the commonly used types of flowmeters. Q&T electromagnetic flowmeters have been
widely praised by many owners for their advantages such as large flow range, wide caliber range, non-clogging, and corrosion
resistance. However, even the best products are inevitable. You will encounter problems. 
Q&T will give you the following suggestions:
1. The grounding requirements of the flowmeter are met
2. Whether all the cable connections of the flowmeter are reliable
3. Whether the surrounding environment has interference with the flowmeter
4. Whether the flowmeter's excitation coil is short-circuited or open-circuited, and whether it is insulated from the ground
5. Whether the medium in the measuring tube is full, whether the lining of the flowmeter and the electrode on the flowmeter are fouled
6. Whether the medium in the piping system installed by the flowmeter is leaking, whether the upstream and downstream valves
     are affected, and whether the flowmeter is installed in a suitable position
7. Whether the converter of the electromagnetic flowmeter for sewage is faulty.


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