Lining Material for Electromagnetic Flowmeter Selection

                        Lining Material for Electromagnetic Flowmeter Selection
1. Rubber
The operating temperature is 60 ℃, which is characterized by its flexibility and good wear resistance. 
Generally used in urban water supply and drainage and other fields, corrosion resistance is relatively poor.
2. Polytetrafluoroethylene, also call PTFE
One of the more commonly used lining materials, because of its stable chemical properties, is generally 
used for sanitary grade liquids or strong corrosive liquids, such as concentrated acids and alkalis.

3. Polyperfluoroethylene propylene, also called F46.
This kind of material is similar to PTFE, but the wear resistance is stronger than PTFE material, and the 
medium temperature can reach up to 100℃.
4. Neoprene
It is characterized by good wear resistance and excellent elasticity, and is generally used in water supply 
and drainage, sewage treatment and other fields. Corrosion resistance is slightly poor, and oxidation resistance 
is its disadvantage.
5. Polyurethane rubber
It has excellent wear resistance, but it has insufficient capacity for corrosion, and the temperature must 
not exceed 80 ℃. It is generally used in industrial and mining environments with high wear resistance requirements, 
such as the measurement of coal slurry and other media.
7. Ceramic material


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